Is Your Packaging Leaking?


How confidently can you answer that question with a resounding ‘no’? With over 30 years of experience, Dynascan is able to offer a wide range of packaging seal integrity and leak detection solutions. Testing methods vary from burst testing and bubble emissions to pressure decay, reactive force, altitude simulation and blue dye.

Bubble emission tests have proven to be very successful for food-related products, providing an effective visual method of leak detection and ensuring that modified atmospheres are retained within their packaging.

When carrying out bubble testing, the chamber is required to be filled with water. The head-space is placed under a vacuum which causes the packaging to inflate and a stream of bubbles to be emitted should there be any holes present.

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Subjecting a packet to vacuum is an effective way to identify any weak seals or leakages, highlighting quality assurance issues. Up to four packs can be tested simultaneously with only a few seconds required to detect holes down to ten microns. The non-destructive nature of the test allows for waste reduction…

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Blue dye leak testing has proven to be popular in many industries due to its simple, valid and reliable results, in addition to low capital costs. Packaging is submerged in a blue dye solution, and the test chamber is placed under a vacuum. This forces the dye into any openings, providing a clear visual of leakages.

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