Dynascan LeakVIEW

Visual detection of packaging leaks through either bubble emissions, burst testing or altitude simulation testing. The LeakVIEW is an ideal seal integrity tester for a range of packaging within the food, consumer and medical device industries.

Enhanced by its clear Perspex housing, the LeakVIEW provides optimum visual detection of leaks. User-friendly and low maintenance, the system is able to identify holes smaller than 20 microns and can operate in compliance with ASTM standards.

When carrying out bubble emissions testing the chamber is filled with water. During the test phase, the head-space is placed under a vacuum, causing the inserted packaging to inflate. Should any leaks be present, a stream of bubbles will be emitted. Water is not required for altitude simulation or burst testing.

The LeakVIEW range is available in two configurations, the Automatic and the Manual. Custom configurations are available to tailor the LeakVIEW to each individual’s requirements.

The LeakVIEW Automatic system is programmed from a colour touchscreen display for method development and can then be locked to prevent unauthorised changes. Automatic test cycles are initiated by a simple press of the start button. The display will indicate the end of the test cycle. In the case of altitude simulation, ascent and descent profiles can be displayed graphically.

Alternatively the LeakVIEW manual is operated by a simple Selector lever that rotates to hold the vacuum at a chosen level, and then further rotates to control the vent rate. No specialist tooling, electrical connection or calibration is required to operate the system.

An essential piece of equipment for any packaging facility, the LeakVIEW is fundamentally able to test any sealed packaging component with a head space.


  • Standard and custom size chambers available
  • Bubble emission and altitude simulation testing
  • Low maintenance
  • Generically a stock item
  • Automated or manual control
  • No specialist tooling required
  • Can detect holes down to 20µm
LeakVIEW Bubble emission leak detection system Custom configurations available for chamber size and internal pressurisation
Dimensions A range of sizes are available, both standard and custom
Please contact Dynascan for further information
Limit of Detection Better than 20 microns hole diameter
Performance is a function of pack size, vacuum level and head space
Evacuation Time Example (Small Chamber) 0 to -800 mbar <30 seconds at 6 bar line pressure (empty)
0 to -200 mbar <5 seconds at 6 bar line pressure (empty)
Control LeakVIEW Manual Combination evacuation hold and vent control
LeakVIEW Automatic Touch screen and start stop reset button
Indicators 0-11 bar pressure, 0-1 bar vacuum
Materials Acrylic test chamber Grade 304 stainless steel base
Compliance LeakVIEW Manual Can operate in compliance with ASTM D3078 or ASTM F2096
LeakVIEW Automatic Can operate in compliance with ASTM D3078 or ASTM F2096
Standards Directive 97/23/EC CAT S.E.P. applies
CE marked
Calibration No calibration required
Gauges may be verified for accuracy

Download the LeakVIEW Manual Technical Specification

Download the LeakVIEW Automatic Technical Specification