• Simple to operate
  • Low cost
  • Pre-set test method
  • Audio and visual indicators when test is complete
  • Various test chamber sizes available to suit products
  • Fully-programmable version available

What our customers say:

“We purchased a MediBLUE Pre-set stainless steel with desiccator from Dynascan following some excellent help and advice from David which we are now using in our process very successfully.”

Paul, SourceApart


Blue Dye Packaging Testing Equipment

Blue dye testing has proven to be a popular package leak detection option within industries such as pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer products. This is due to it’s simple, valid and reliable results, in addition to low capital costs.

The MediBLUE range is available in two configurations, the Pre-set and the Programmable.

Based on a discrete electronic circuit design, the MediBLUE Pre-set does not require any software validation. The system is supplied pre-set with parameters, as specified by the users S.O.P. Both audible and visual alarms are integrated into the instrument, to alert the user at the end of each test cycle.

Alternatively, the MediBLUE programmable system allows the user to set the Test Vacuum, Vacuum Hold and Ambient Dwell times during packaging development process to determine the optimum test conditions. The system can be locked into a Run mode, preventing any unauthorised changes to the test method.



MediBLUE Pre-Set Blue Dye Leak Controller
MediBLUE Programmable Blue Dye Leak Controller

Custom configurations available for casing (cGMP stainless steel or powder coated) and pump (vacuum generator or electrical vacuum)

Vacuum Range

0-750 mbar vacuum

Vacuum Hold Time

MediBLUE Pre-Set 0.5-499 seconds
MediBLUE Programmable
1-10,000 seconds


100/240V, 50-60Hz

Compressed Air

5.5 bar at 200l/min (vacuum generator models only)


MediBLUE Programmable
1 RJ 45 network


MediBLUE Pre-Set
150(H) x 350(W) x 300(D) mm – Basic model

280(H) x 350(W) x 300(D) mm – cGMP model

MediBLUE Programmable (Controller) Test Chamber

235(H) x 435(W) x 355(D) mm – Basic model

310(H) x 270 mm diameter


MediBLUE Pre-Set
Powder coated aluminium
304 stainless steel available on request
MediBLUE Programmable
Grade 304 stainless steel or powder coated casework


Acrylic test chamber, Grade 304 stainless steel base


CE marked