• Extremely easy to operate and maintain
  • Bubble emission and altitude simulation testing
  • Dry vacuum burst testing
  • Sensitive manual control
  • Up to 750mbar of vacuum generated
  • Requires only compressed air to operate
  • Can detect leak holes down to 20µm


When carrying out bubble emissions testing, the chamber is filled with water. The package under test is held below the water level using a Perspex plate. During the test phase, the head-space above the water is placed under vacuum, causing the inserted packaging to inflate.

The desired vacuum level can be adjusted up and down by the operator. Should any leaks be present, a stream of bubbles will be emitted which are clearly seen through the polished tank walls. Water is not required for altitude simulation or burst testing so the tank can be used as a vacuum test chamber instead. There is a convenient fill & drain point located on the bottom of the tank to allow the user to change the water quickly.


LeakVIEW Lite

Bubble emission leak detection system. Custom configurations available for chamber size and internal pressurisation


LeakVIEW Size 1 – (590mm x 540mm x 540mm), Weight 42kg empty, 67kg filled
LeakVIEW Size 2 – (670mm x 630mm x 600mm), Weight 65kg empty, 108kg filled
LeakVIEW Size 4 – (690mm x 690mm x 490mm), Weight 73kg empty, 123kg filled
LeakVIEW Size 5 – (690mm x 760mm x 590mm), Weight 94kg empty, 181kg filled

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Limit of Detection

Down to 20 microns hole diameter
Performance is a function of pack size, vacuum level and head space

Evacuation Time
(Small Chamber)

0 to -750 mbar <30 seconds at 6 bar line pressure (empty)
0 to -200 mbar <5 seconds at 6 bar line pressure (empty)


LeakVIEW Lite Combination evacuation hold and vent. Run push button


-1000 to 0 mbar gauge vacuum using analogue dial


Perspex test chamber (polished). Grade 304 stainless steel base


LeakVIEW Lite Can operate in compliance with ASTM D3078, Part 11 compliance


Directive 97/23/EC CAT S.E.P. applies
UKCA and CE marked


Gauges may be verified for accuracy